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Annual Dinner Dance Saturday 9th November 2019

A poster for the 39th Annual Charity Dance

*** 40+30=70 ***

This year coinciding with the 40th Dance with Todd Miller and the Joe Loss Orchestra is the 30th Anniversary of the opening of Gelliwig.

To sum it up is easier with numbers than experiences!

How can measure the enjoyment that Todd and the fabulous musicians and singers have given us?

How can we measure the pleasure that the thousands of young people who stayed at Gelliwig have received from a Charity set up to honour the memory of two long-serving teachers at their school. Graham Birch and John Thompson served for 63 years in total at Colton Hills or its formative schools and died of heart attacks in 1980.

What we can say is that former Colton Hills Student Lesley Ann who was instrumental is setting up the first Dance with Joe Loss will be back again. Lesley was the lead female singer at the time and Todd Miller and Larry Grayson were the male singers. The Band plays on!

What we can say is that Gelliwig led by its twelve volunteer Trustees have continued the work of the original seven of whom five have passed on having served the Charity faithfully and tirelessly.

The music played by the Orchestra spans the generations and includes most well-known dances with a great section on music that everyone can dance to from the last couple of decades.

Some people come and just listen to the great big band sound in this superb ballroom setting while others like to take to the floor as much as they can, dancing the night away.

This year we are promised former students who enjoyed the event last year will join us in increased numbers.

Why not celebrate a special birthday by having a world famous orchestra playing your tunes, or dance and jive as a reunion party?

Todd Miller and the Joe Loss Orchestra with their singing stars always entertain – that is why a formula started in 1932 has endured. All the proceeds go to Gelliwig that has been used continuously since the official opening on 11th November 1989. We hope to see you there!

To purchase tickets for this year’s event please email or write to our Treasurer Paula Davies and for telephone enquiries please contact Keith Berry.