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Annual Dinner Dance Saturday 11th November 2017

A poster for the 38th Annual Charity Dance

Every year since 1981 The Joe Loss Orchestra have entertained for our cause. This came about through Lesley Ann Roberts, a former student, who sang with the Orchestra in the 1980s. The Orchestra that Joe formed is over 80 years old. Before he died Joe passed on the leadership of the talented group of musicians to Todd Miller, pictured on the left.

For over twenty years Todd has led the group and for over thirty years they have entertained supporters of the Birch Thompson Memorial Fund at our fundraising event. We have had many satisfied customers over 37 years so we will be having our 38th Dinner Dance at the Ramada Park Hall Hotel on Saturday 11th November 2017. Once again we have our guest singer Lesley Ann as part of three hours of live, high quality music to dance or shuffle to!

To purchase tickets for this year’s event please email or write to our Treasurer Paula Davies and for telephone enquiries please contact Keith Berry.

On this page are photographs from the 2013 event one being of the Junior Dance Champions Justas Zagurskas and India Phillips Bullock. There is also a photo of the Joe Loss Orchestra and the junior dance champions from the event.

The Joe Loss Orchestra and the Junior Dance Champions Junior Dance Champions Justas Zagurskas and India Phillips Bullock dancing