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Gelliwig Outdoor Residential

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Wash Rooms

PH Toilet: The Variety Club of Great Britain Room

The toilet and shower on the ground floor are available for wheelchair users. There is a shower chair stored for use in this toilet.

Toilet and shower area - first floor

On the first floor there are four purpose-built showers which operate from the hot and cold water system. The gas boiler heating this water is very large and there is, therefore, a rapid recovery even if thirty people were to take showers continuously. Please ensure that the shower curtains are kept within the shower basins and that the green flooring is kept reasonably dry. A mop and bucket are kept in this area for this purpose.

There are four toilets and four wash basins adjacent to the showers on the first floor. One of these is fitted with a sanitary towel disposer (a Southalls self-seal unit - special black Polythene bags for use in this kept in the office) and is therefore reserved at all times for female use. The other toilets can be used for either male or female use depending on the group leader's decision.