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Involvement at Gelliwig

Right Track, a Community Interest Company based off Goldthorn Hill, has been running in the city for more than four years and provides a lifeline for vulnerable members of the community The volunteer-run service offers training, practical work experience, arts, outdoor activities and social activities for people who may struggle progressing in traditional routes of employment and education. Andrew Morris is a Director and Volunteer of Right Track and has a long track record of working with disadvantaged people in an education and vocational training capacity.

The relationship between Colton Hills School and Right Track began several years ago when members of Right Track were taken to Gelliwig for a residential experience and outdoor activities.

At this point Right Track members decided that they would like to offer to maintain the grounds of Gelliwig through Andrew Morris who was also a member of the Trustee for Gelliwig.

Since then Right Track have partnered with Colton Hills and the Birch Thompson Charity to help maintain the property and grounds.

The grounds of Gelliwig had been neglected for some time and needed cutting back to make safe and become manageable again.

As time went on and the development at Gelliwig was imminent it was necessary to open up air space so that Lorries and other delivery vehicles could get on site. So we removed some of the overhanging branches from the trees at the entrance to the carpark.

Building renovation work and extensions to Gelliwig 2019/20

In support of the work to upgrade Gelliwig Right Track offered to provide a labour force to help prepare the building for contractors to begin work.

Right Track had been contracted to renovate Colton Hills School Bungalow and on the strength of the finished property the contracts manager for Gelliwig worked closely with us to carry out the work.

The team had to remove the plaster and any loose material from the internal walls throughout the building. This is Chris working hard in the upstairs hall way.

Right Track Removal

Upstairs was a real challenge as the walls were built from Lath and plaster and hundreds of nails.

Before we could start work on these walls we had to:

  • Remove all the electrical sockets and wiring

  • Remove the radiators and pipe work

  • Remove the fire alarm system

  • Remove the alarm system and sensors.

  • The floors down stairs had to be protected and covered over to prevent damaged to the Minton tiles.

  • Health and Safety were paramount and everyone took great care wearing the correct PPE and cleaning as we went to reduce slips trips and falls.

    We filled several skips with debris.

    Right Track Removal

    All the panelling, door frames, skirting’s, architrave had to be removed and carried out to the skips.

    The team worked very hard over the time they visited Gelliwig and are looking forward to the next phase.

    Right Track Removal